Topics - A. Zlatkis

A. Zlatkis (A. Zlatkis was educated at the University of Toronto receiving his B. A, Sc., in 1947 and his M. A. Sc. in 1948. He obtained his Ph. D. from Wayne University in 1952. A. Zlatkis carried out a year of post doctoral work and then joined the Shell Oil Company at Houston, Texas. In 1955 he joined the University of Houston and became chairman of the chemistry department in 1958. He worked extensively in applying gas chromatography to clinical chemistry, flavor analysis and environmental analysis. He also developed a number of concentration techniques and worked with J. Lovelock on the development of ionization detectors. A. Zlatkis was author of over 200 papers involving separation and concentration techniques and was author, co-author and editor of a number of books on chromatography. He organized many international symposia on chromatography and associated techniques and was a recipient of a number of awards for his contributions to separation technology.