Topics - L. R. Snyder

L. R. Snyder L. R. Snyder was one of the early pioneers in the renaissance of liquid chromatography. He was educated at the University of California receiving his bachelor and doctorate degrees in 1952 and 1954 respectively. He spent 14 years in research at two different oil companies and then became vice president of the Clinical Chemistry Department at the Technicon Instrument Corporation. He has published over 150 papers in the areas of chromatography, petroleum analysis and clinical analysis. He has authored or co-authored a number of books in chromatography and has received numerous awards for his contributions to separation science. Like Kirkland, he was one of the first to establish the importance of small particles and high pressures to achieve high efficiencies from liquid chromatography packed columns. He has also been active in establishing basic concepts in liquid chromatography theory and the mechanism of retention. He is on the editorial board of a number of separation science journals