Topics - R. P. W. Scott

R. P. W. Scott R. P. W, Scott was one of the pioneers of gas chromatography entering the field in 1952. He was educated at the University of London attaining his B. Sc, (Special Chemistry) and becoming an Associate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry in 1946. He was awarded his D. Sc and elected to Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry in 1958. He held a number of industrial positions, in the Armament Research Department (Woolwich), Burroughs Welcome Ltd., Benzole Producers Ltd. and then as manager of the physical chemistry department at Unilever Food Research Laboratories. In 1969 he emigrated to the United States taking a position as Director of Physical Chemistry at Hoffaman La Roche in New Jersey and then as Director of Applied Research at the Perkin Elmer Corporation in Norwalk. He has published over 200 original papers on separation technology. He invented the flame thermocouple detector, the forerunner of the flame ionization detector, pioneered the development of high efficiency packed columns and with A. T. James developed the moving wire transport detector for liquid chromatography. In 1988 he retired and since then acted as a free lance scientist designing chromatographic equipment and providing consulting services. He has edited three books, authored fourteen others (all on separation technology), and received numerous awards for his work in chromatography. He was a founding member of the Chromatography Discussion Group.