Topics - Naphthalene

Naphthalene Naphthalene (tar camphor) is the most abundant single component of coal tar (dry coal tar contains about 11%). Naphthalene has a molecular weight of 128.16 and contains 93.71%w/w of carbon and 6.29%w/w of hydrogen. It is used commercially for the synthesis of phthalic and anthranillic aids. Naphthalene is also present in gasoline and its determination is one of the most common hydrocarbon analysis carried out by GC for which it is the ideal technique. The analysis of a sample of gasoline can be carried out on a long open tubular column, 100 m long and only 250 micron I.D., carrying a film of the stationary phase, Petrocol DH, about 0.5 micron thick. This type of column would have a very high efficiency (probably in excess of 400,000 theoretical plates). Petrocol DH is specially designed stationary phase for the separation of hydrocarbons and consists of bonded dimethylsiloxane, a very dispersive type of stationary phase, retaining the solutes approximately in the order of their increasing boiling points.