Topics - A. I. M. Keulemans

A. I. M. Keulemans Dr. A. I. M. Kelemans was another of the early pioneers in gas chromatography. He studied mathematics at Leiden University and obtained his master degree and doctorate at the University of Technology in Delft. During his appointment at Shell Amsterdam he visited Professor A. J. P. Martin a his laboratory at the Medical Research Council in London and immediately recognized the importance of the work Martin was doing. He returned to his laboratories at Shell Amsterdam and forthwith initiated some basic research and instrument development into the technique of gas chromatography. He produced the first conclusive evidence supporting the theory of Van Deemter on solute dispersion in a packed column and presented his work at the 1956 International Symposium on Vapor Phase Chromatography. He became professor at the new University of Technology at Eindhoven where he built up school known world-wide and produced 150 MS and 20 Ph.D. students and published over 200 original pier reviewed papers.