Topics - J. Janak

J. Janak J. Janak was and early pioneer in gas chromatography and published a paper describing a volumetric method of detection for pemanent gases as early as 1953 (probably one of the first papers published on gas chromatography). He also described details of his methods of gas analysis using his detector at the first International Symposium on Vapor Phase Chromatography held in London in 1956. He graduated from the Technical University of Prague completing his studies in 1947. Later he received hid D.Sc from the same university. He became an associate professor of analytical chemistry at the J. E. Purkyne University at Brno in 1964. J. Janak published over 200 papers on chromatography, and was the recipient of many chromatography awards. He was also one of the founding members of the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group.