Topics - A. T. James

A. T. James A. T. James was an early pioneer in gas chromatography and studied at University College London obtaining his B.Sc. (1st Class Honors) in 1943 and his Ph. D. in 1946. He joined Professor A. J. P. Martin at the National Institute of Medical Research at Mill Hill, London, in 1950 where he worked with A. J. P. Martin in the design and development of the first gas chromatograph and demonstrated its effective functionality. He remained at the Medical Research laboratories until 1962 and then joined the Unilever Research Laboratories at Sharnbrook Bedfordshire as Manager of the Biosynthesis unit and later as the head of the Division of Plant Products and Biochemistry. He was also professor of chemistry at Loughborough University of Technology and received numerous awards for his contributions to gas chromatography and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society. He invented and developed the gas chromatography radioactivity detector and applied gas chromatography to biochemical problems particularly those associated with lipids. He was a founding member of the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group.