Topics - D. W. Grant

D. W. Grant D. W. Grant was one of the early pioneers in gas chromatography becoming involved in the technique in 1953. He demonstrated the use of strongly polar stationary phases to separate aromatic hydrocarbons from aliphatic hydrocarbons at the first International Symposium on Vapor Phase Chromatography held in London in 1956. He also invented the first emissivity detector which he reported at the Second International Symposium on Gas Chromatography at Amsterdam in 1958. David Grant studied at the Medway Technical College obtaining an honors degree in chemistry from the University of London in 1949 and his doctorate (D. Sc.) in 1973. He joined the Distillers Company after two years in the military and in 1953 joined the Coal Tar Research Association (CTRA). At the CTRA he developed gas chromatography techniques and applied them to the analysis of coal tar products. He then moved to the British Carbonization Research Association leading a team to study environmental problems using gas chromatography techniques. He was a founding member of the Gas Chromatography Discussion group and published many papers on the subject and also a number of books.