Topics - Phillips

Phillips C. S. G. Phillips was another pioneer in gas chromatography and chaired one of the sessions in the first International Symposium on Vapor Phase Chromatography held in London in 1956 at which he also helped define the chromatography nomenclature to be used at that time. C. S. G. Phillips obtained his B.A. in 1949, his M.A. in 1949 and his D.Sc. in 1964 from the University of Oxford and was appointed Fellow of Merton College and lecturer on inorganic chemistry at the University. He wrote the first book to become available on gas chromatography and worked extensively in this field, in particular on gas-solid chromatography. He was one of the founders of the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group which has regularly held chromatography symposia up to the present time. He has received numerous awards in chromatography. He also published a two volume series of books on Inorganic Chemistry which have world wide recognition and appreciation.