Topics - L. E. Ettre

L. E. Ettre L. E. Ettre obtained his bachelor degree at the Budapest Technical University in 1945 and later obtained a technical doctorate at the same school. He worked for a number of German chemical companies until 1958 when immigrated to the United States and joined the Perkin Elmer Corporation in Norwalk Connecticut as the chief application chemist in gas chromatography. Between 1968 and 1972 he was executive editor of the Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemical Analysis with John Wiley and Sons. He returned to the Perkin Elmer Corporation in 1972 as a senior staff scientist. He has lectured widely on separation science and in particular on the historical aspects of chromatography. He has received a number of international award for his work in chromatography and has written and edited a number of books on chromatography. He has also helped in the organization of many international symposia on separation techniques, in particular, those involving chromatographic processes. He has a worldwide reputation as the authority on the history of chromatography.