Topics - D. H. Desty

D. H. Desty D. H. Desty was one of the early pioneers in gas chromatography and studied chemistry at University College, Southampton. In 1941 he volunteered for service in the Royal Air Force and after the war returned to his university in 1946, graduated with honors in chemistry. and joined the British Petroleum Research Center at Sunbury on Thames, England. While at Sunbury he made a wide range of contributions to science for which, he was honored by the Queen with the Order of the British Empire (1983) and was aldo elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1984.. He also received many other awards specifically for his contributions to chromatography, After he left Sunbury he was appointed visiting professor at the University of Surrey and lectured widely on his various accomplishments and, in particular, his work in chromatography. Dennis Desty’s interests in gas chromatography involved detectors, column design and instrument design but his greatest contribution was his soft glass rigid capillary columns and a novel device to construct them. His glass capillary columns where the forerunners of the modern fused silica capillary columns that are almost universally used today. He was also the founder of the Gas Chromatography Discussion Group and served in numerous ways on its organizing committee for many years.