Topics - J. J. Van Deemter

J. J. Van Deemter Dr. J.J Van Deemter was one of the early pioneers of gas chromatography he studied at the University of Groningen wher he received his doctorate in 1945. In conjunction with A. Klinkenberg and F. J. Zuiderwg he described the first theory of dispersion in packed gas chromatography columns. He developed an equation that related the height of the theoretical plate (HETP or the variance per unit length of the column) to the linear mobile phase velocity and the various pertinent physical chemical properties of the solute and phase system. He showed that there was an optimum velocity that provide the minimum HETP and, thus, the maximum column efficiency. The validity of his equation was experimentally confirmed by A. I. M. Keulemans and A. Kwantes at the First International Symposium on Gas Chromatography held in London in 1956. His HETP equation has been found to be equally applicable to liquid chromatography packed columns and despite the introduction of a number of similar dispersion equations, the Van Deemter equation remains the most accurate form that described dispersion in both gas and liquid packed chromatography columns. The Van Deemter equation is used extensively in packed column design.