Topics - Boer, H.

Boer, H. (Hendrik Boer was also one of the early pioneers of gas chromatography. He studied at the Municipal University of Amsterdam and obtained his doctorate in 1949. He then joined Shell (Amsterdam) and worked in a number of fields of chemistry, in particular, gas chromatography instrumentation which he commenced in 1952. Hendrik Boer’s major contribution to gas chromatography was the first ionization detector which he described at the first International Symposium on Vapor Phase Chromatography held in London in 1956. The sensor volume was about 2.5 ml in volume and 25 mc of 90Strontium was used as the ionizing radio active source. The device had a linear response when operating under the correct conditions and a sensitivity of about 1 x 10-6 g/ml. The Boer detector was the forerunner of all other ionization types of ionization detectors (with the exception of the flame ionization detector)such as the argon detector and the electron capture detector. Hendrik Boer also was one of the first to introduce multidimensional gas chromatography.