Equipment - Alltech ProSphere Affinity Columns

The Alltech ProSphere family are a line of specialty packings for life science and proteomic applications. They are silica based (100Å and 300Å) or polymer based. The Affinity columns use a polymer based packing phase to separate and purify proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and other complex bio-mixtures by specific ligand binding, enabling compound-specific isolations from complex mixtures.

In affinity chromatography, the column binds compounds that have an affinity for the ligand that is part of the stationary phase. Other compounds pass through the column without being retained. The compound(s) of interest are recovered by changing the composition of the mobile phase.

Three packing phases are available, ABA Affinity, 10µm, containing the binding ligand p-aminobenzamidine, Boronate Affinity, 10µm, containing the binding ligand m-aminophenyl boronate and Chelate Affinity, 10µm, containing the binding ligand iminodiacetic acid, all in a length of 75mm and an internal diameter of 7.5mm.