Equipment - Alltech Heliflex® USP 467 Capillary Column Kits

Alltech Heliflex® USP 467 Capillary Column Kits are two kits designed for the determination of organic volatile impurities in pharmaceutical products due to solvents used in drug manufacturing.

Method Kit I contains an AT-5 30m x 0.53mm x 5.00µm column with a 5% phenyl/95% methylpolysiloxane non polar stationary phase. Method Kit V contains an AT-624 30m x 0.53mm x 3.00um column with a 6% phenyl/95% methylpolysiloxane intermediate polarity stationary phase. Connectors and Guard columns are provided with each kit.

A test chromatogram, instruction manual, capillary end caps and a ceramic column cutter are supplied with each column. For details on the specifications and applications of this line of columns, visit the Alltech website.