Equipment - Alltech Heliflex® AT-FAME Capillary Columns

Alltech Heliflex® AT-1000 capillary columns are a line of high polarity fused silica GC columns manufactured and sold by Alltech Associates.

The stationary phase consists of stable bonded polyethylene glycol. The columns are available in a length of 30m, internal diameters of 0.25 and 0.32mm and film thickness of 0.25µm.

Applications include analysis of fatty acid methyl esters.

They are similar to DB-23, 007-23, PE-23, Rtx-2330 and SP-2330 columns.

A test chromatogram, instruction manual, capillary end caps and a ceramic column cutter are supplied with each column. For details on the specifications and applications of this line of columns, visit the Alltech website.