Equipment - Alltech Heliflex® AT-1301 Capillary Columns

Alltech Heliflex® AT-1301 capillary columns are a line of intermediate polarity fused silica GC columns manufactured and sold by Alltech Associates.

The stationary phase consists of 6% cyanopropylphenyl, 94% methylpolysiloxane. The columns are available in a length of 30m, internal diameters of 0.25, 0.32 and 0.53mm and film thicknesses of 0.25, 1.00 and 3.00µm.

Because of the unique polarity, applications include volatile organics, pharmaceuticals and EPA Method 612 compounds.

They are similar to BP-624, DB-1301, Rtx-1301, Rtx-624, HP-1301, HP-624, DB-624, 007-624, 00701301, SPB-1301, SPB-624 and ZB-624 columns.

A test chromatogram, instruction manual, capillary end caps and a ceramic column cutter are supplied with each column. For details on the specifications and applications of this line of columns, visit the Alltech website.