Analytes - vitamin A

Vitamin A (retinol): CAS No. 62-26-8, C20H30O, molecular weight 286.45, boiling point 137-138°C melting point 62-64°C, vapor pressure 0.00mm Hg at 25°C, non flammable, water insoluble is a pale crystalline solid. It is an essential nutrient required for growth and bone development, vision, reproduction, and the integrity of mucosal and epithelial surfaces. It is isolated from fish oil by liquid-liquid extraction, molecular distillation, and HPLC and is mostly used in animal feed and in pharmaceutical preparations. It occurs preformed only in animal and is metabolized from carotenoids, such as beta-carotene. Its sole use is in the prevention and treatment of Vitamin A deficiency. It is most frequently measured in food, plasma and urine using spectrophotometric methods as well as by reversed phase HPLC.