Analytes - niacin

niacin (nicotinic acid): CAS No. 59-67-6, C6H5NO2, molecular weight 123.11, boiling point (sublimes), melting point 236.6°C, density 1.47gm/mL, vapor pressure 0.00mm Hg at 25°C, non flammable, water soluble is a white or colorless crystalline solid. It is an essential nutrient. Nicotinic acid occurs in minute amounts in all living cells; appreciable amounts are found in liver, yeast, milk, adrenal glands, white meat, alfalfa, legumes, whole cereals and corn. It is used as a dietary supplement in cereal, enriched flour, animal feed, as a cholesterol-lowering agent, a vasodilator, an electroplating bath ingredient and as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of azatadine, benzyl nicotinate, 2-chloronicotinic acid, etofibrate, inositol nicotinate, nicametate, nicotinyl alcohol, nifenazone, nikethamide and xanthinol nicotinate. It is most frequently measured in food, plasma and urine using spectrophotometric and colorimetric methods as well as by reversed phase HPLC.