Analytes - linseed oil

linseed oil: CAS No. 8001-26-1, C12H22O11, molecular weight UVCB, boiling point >316°C, density 0.93gm/mL, vapor pressure 0.00mm Hg at 25°C, flash point (206°C raw, 226°C boiled), autoignition temperature 343°C, subject to spontaneous heating, slightly water soluble is a yellowish liquid derived from seeds of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum by expression or solvent extraction. Its chief constituents are glycerides of linolenic, oleic, linoleic and saturated fatty acids. Various refining and bleaching methods are used. It is used in oil cloths, linoleum, printing inks, artificial rubber, tracing cloth, tanning and enameling leather and is applied to paper and fabrics to render them waterproof and tough, also used as an emollient drying oil in paint, varnish, putty and caulks and as a chemical intermediate for fatty acids used in paints. It is most frequently measured in commercial preparations and the bulk commodity using reversed phase HPLC, GC/FID and GC/MS.