Analytes - chloromethane

chloromethane: CAS No. 74-87-3, CH3Cl, molecular weight 40.49, boiling point –23.7°C, density 0.91gm/mL, vapor pressure 4300mm Hg at 25°C, flash point <10°C, autoignition temperature 632°C, slightly water soluble is a colorless gas used as the catalyst carrier in low-temperature polymerization (butyl rubber), used in the manufacture of tetramethyl lead, and silicones, used as a refrigerant, as fluid for thermometric and thermostatic equipment, as a methylating agent in organic synthesis, such as methyl cellulose, as an extractant and low-temperature solvent, as a herbicide, and a topical anesthetic. It is most frequently measured in water, air and soil to comply with environmental regulations. Due to its volatility, it is most often measured using GC/FID, ECD, ELCD and GC/MS methods specified by regulatory agencies like the U.S. EPA.