Dispersion in Chromatography Columns - The Van Deemter Equation > Page 51

and                                    C=0.00250 sec.

If the mean particle size was 0.00085 cm, then as, 

Then,          0.00117 =  2l 0.00085       or,        l = 0.69

Giddings (11) determined theoretically that, for a well packed column (l) should take a value of about 0.5 and thus the column used was reasonably well packed.


In a similar manner, as         B = 2gDm

Then,                        0.0000175 = 2gDm 


Katz et al (12) determined the diffusivity of hexamethylbenzene in 4.83%w/v ethyl acetate in n-decane and found it to be 1.17x10-5 cm2/sec,