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Now, the peak Variance in volume units is () is given by






Where (n) is the number of theoretical plates in the tube.

Now, = H. Thus, replacing () by (H), and substituting for (H) from equation (9),



Bearing in mind that the flow rate


Equation (12) clearly indicates the variables that control the dispersion that arises from tubular conduits. The flow rate, (Q), is chosen to provide the maximum column efficiency and thus cannot be used as a variable to control tube dispersion. Similarly, the diffusivity of the solute, (Dm),is determined by the nature of the sample and the mobile phase and is also not a variable available for dispersion control. The major factor effecting tube dispersion is the tube radius. The dispersion increases as the fourth power of the tube radius and thus, a reduction in the tube radius by a factor of 2 will reduce the dispersion by a factor of sixteen.