Liquid Chromatography - The Tridet Multi Functional Detector 1

A TSK gel G-Oligo-PW column 7.8 mm I.D.. and 30 cm long was used for the separation which was carried out at 60˚C and a flow rate of 1 ml/min. The TSK gel packing is a vinyl polymer based material suitable for separation by size exclusion using aqueous solvents. It is seen that the products of the hydrolysis are well separated and almost all of the oligomers are resolved.

The Tridet Multi Functional Detector

The popularity of the UV detector, the electrical conductivity detector and the fluorescence detector motivated Schmidt and Scott (10,11) to develop a trifunctional detector that detected solutes by all three method simultaneously in a single low volume cell. A diagram of their detector is shown in figure 26.

Figure 26. The Trifunctional Detector