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The major novel feature of this transport detector is the use of an oxidized titanium tape as the carrier which has a greatly improved loading capacity and readily wets with both dispersive and highly polar solvents (e.g., n-heptane and water). In addition, the coating, evaporating and pyrolysis system has been made much more compact and the argon detector (which is used as the sensor) is made physically very close to the pyrolyser (ca 2-3 cm) A photograph of the internal layout of the detector is shown in figure 46.


Figure 46. The Internal Lay-Out of the Uni-Mass Detector

The performance of this detector remains to be established. It has found great interest in biotechnology field as it responds to all substances and the relative responses to different compounds appear to be within a factor of 5 and thus all components are detected. This detector should have a theoretical limit of detection of about 1x10-9 g/ml (i.e. similar to the fluorescence detector) but this sensitivity has not been realized yet.