The Mechanism of Chromatographic Retention - Solute Stationary Phase Interactions > Experimental Support for the Sorption and Displacement Process > Page 57

The experiment was repeated with two more strongly retained solutes m-dimethoxy benzene and benzyl acetate. These solutes elute at (k') values of 10.5 and 27.0 respectively from a silica column operated with the same mobile phase mixture. The results obtained are shown in figure 27.

Initial Concentration of Ethyl Acetate in Mobile Phase 0.35%w/v

Volume of Mobile Phase 100 ml Mass of Silica 10 gram

Em = Mass of Ethyl Acetate in Mobile PhaseSm = Mass of Solute in Mobile Phase.

ES = Mass of Ethyl Acetate on Silica Gel. SS = Mass of Solute on the Silica Gel.

Figure 27. Graphs of Mass of Solute and Mass of Polar Solvent Contained in the Mobile Phase and on the Silica Gel Respectively against Mass of Solute Added