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The Golay Equation for Open Tubular Columns

The corresponding equation describing dispersion in an open tubular column was developed by Golay (10) for GC columns but is equally applicable to LC columns and to dispersion in connecting tubes. The Golay equation differs from equation (10) in that, as there is no packing, there can be no multipath term. Consequently, the equation contains only three functions. One function describes dispersion from longitudinal diffusion and the other two describes dispersion from the resistance to mass transfer in the mobile and stationary phases, respectively. The Golay equation takes the following form:-


where (r) is the column radius,

and other symbols have the meaning previously ascribed to them.

Open tubular columns behave in exactly the same way as packed columns with respect to pressure. As the column is geometrically simple the respective functions of (k') can also be explicitly developed.