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Figure 17 Graph of Slopes from V'/(Reciprocal of Volume Fraction) Curves against the Reciprocal of the Absolute Temperature


The logarithm of the slopes and intercepts given in table 4 were plotted against the reciprocal of the absolute temperature and the resulting curves are shown in figures 17 and 18. The expected straight lines were realized and  the slopes and intercepts from these curves are summarized in tables 7 and 8.



Table 7  The Slopes and Intercepts from the Curves Relating d(V'S)/d(1/c)] to the Reciprocal of the Absolute Temperature


Isomer d[d(V'S)/d(1/c)]/d(1/T) Intercept
(S) 726.93 -1.7823
(R) 641.48 -1.5626