The Thermodynamics of Chromatography - Other Thermodynamic Methods that are Used for Studying Chromatographic Systems > Optimum Operating Conditions for Chiral Separations in Liquid Chromatography > Page 63

and the capacity ratio (k'a) will be given by,


For two enantiomers (a) and (b), enantiomer (b) being the last eluted peak, the separation ratio (aba) is given by,



The efficiency (n), required to achieve a separation (i.e. the solutes are separated by (6s) is given by the Purnell equation (14) (see book 6 of this series)


where (ka) is the capacity ratio of the first eluted peak and (aba) is the separation ratio or the two peaks (i.e. aba = k'b/k'a).