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One of the major areas of application for the FID is in the analysis of hydrocarbons although it is also employed extensively for pharmaceutical analysis, pesticide analysis, forensic chemistry and essential oil analysis Nevertheless, its major area of application is in the analytical laboratories of the hydrocarbon industry. A typical example of a ubiquitous hydrocarbon analysis is the analysis of gasoline shown in figure 20.

The column was 100 m long, 250 mm I.D. carrying a film of stationary phase 0.5 mm thick. The stationary phase was Petrocol poly(dimethylsiloxane) that was intra-column polymerized and bonded to the surface. The column was held at 35oC after injection for 15 min and then programmed to 200oC at 2oC/min and finally held at 200oC for 5 min.

Courtesy of Supelco Inc.