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Figure 32. Chromatogram and Spectra Obtained from the First GC/IR/MS Triplet System


The chromatograph (a standard commercial model, available at that time from Phillips Chromatography Ltd.) was fitted with the normal temperature and flow programming facilities, but no computer data acquisition and processing equipment. An example of a chromatogram and some associated spectra obtained from the Triplet system are shown in figure 32. It is seen that, although lacking in resolution compared with modern spectrometers, very useful spectra could be obtained and the collection was completely automatic. In addition, it should be recalled that this data was obtained in 1966.


Modern GC/IR Systems


In the development of the modern GC/IR and GC/MS combination instruments attention was paid to improving the sensitivity of the spectrometer and the development of interfaces that did not impair the resolution obtained from the column. One of the first devices to be developed was the light pipe (12).


Courtesy of the Perkin Elmer Corporation


Figure 33. The Optical System of the Perkin Elmer GC/IR Combined Instrument