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The column was a SPB-608 fused silica capillary column, 30 m long and 0.53 mm I.D. carrying a 0.5 mm film of stationary phase. The column was programmed from 50oC at 1o/min to 150oC and then at 8o/min to 260oC. Helium at a flow rate of 5 ml/min was used as the carrier gas and 0.6 ml of a solution of the pollutants in n-decane was injected onto the column. The mass of each pollutant present in the sample was about 120 pg. The separation of some common herbicides monitored by the electron capture detector is shown in figure 43.

The electron capture detector is used extensively for monitoring the separation of polychlorinated hydrocarbons and in particular the herbicides.


Column: SPB–608, 15 m x 0.53 mm I.D., 0.5 mm film, Oven: 60oC (1 min.) to 289oC at 16oC/min, hold 5 min. Carrier gas: helium, 5 ml/min. Detector temperature 310oC. Sample: chlorophenoxymethylesters


Figure 43 The Separation of Some Herbicides Using Electron Capture Detection