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In addition it is seen, from equation (56), that the expression for uopt is very similar to that for a packed column but the expression for Hmin. is much simpler as it is devoid of the (A) term from the multipath effect.

Due to the relative simple, and precisely defined, geometry of the capillary column it contains no arbitrary constants involved with the packing quality of the column such as (g) and (l). As a consequence, the properties of the capillary column can be explored further in a relatively straightforward manner. In the following treatment an LC capillary column will be considered despite, at this time, equipment for the efficient use of LC capillary columns is not available. From Poiseuille's Equation, describing the flow of liquid through an open tube, operating at the optimum velocity,


                   Where,    (l) is the length of the column,

                                 (P) is the pressure drop across the column,

                        and    (h) is the viscosity of the flowing liquid.