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Table 2 Summary of the Physical and Chemical Properties of the Zorbax Column

Column Length                                                                          25 cm

Column Radius                                                                          2.3 mm

Column  Packing                                       Zorbax C8 Reverse Phase

Carbon Content of Reverse Phase                                      10.0%w/w

Equivalent Decane Content (Dimethyl Octane)                   11.8%w/w

Total Column Volume                                                         4.15 ml

Total Volume of Silica in the Column                                    0.96 ml

Total Volume of Stationary Phase in the Column                    0.40 ml

Volume of Chromatographically Available Stationary Phase    0.49 ml                     


Volume of Chromatographically Unavailable Stationary Phase (by diff.) - total mobile phase in the column,

      1. By weighing                                                              2.79 ml

      2. From the retention of the alkanes in n-octane extrapolated

          to an alkane carbon number of 3                                 2.78 ml

      3. From the volume fraction average of the isotopes retention

          volume                                                                     2.77 ml

Total Interstitial Volume,  value extrapolated from the retention

        volumes of ions of different size                                   1.91 ml

Interstitial Moving Phase Volume 

                from the retention of 'silica smoke'                      1.41 ml

Interstitial Static Phase volume, by difference                        0.50 ml

Total Pore Volume. By Difference                                       0.87 ml