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These silica gels are a sample group to demonstrate the range and variation in exclusion properties that can be exhibited by different types of silica gel. It is seen from figure 28 that the silica gels examined fall into roughly three groups. The first group comprising of Partisil 10, LiChrosorb 10, and Biosil A and HA had a total pore volume of about 0.6 ml/g and pore diameters ranging from about 12 to about 400; the second group comprising of Controlled Pore Glass 10 (strictly not a silica gel), Silarex 2 and Porasil A, had a total pore volume ranging from 0.55 ml/g and 1.5 ml/g for a pore diameter span of 20 to 1000; finally the third group comprising of Porasil C and Spherosil 10 had a pore volume of about 1 ml/g and pore diameters ranging from 50 to 5000.


Figure 27. Graph of Pore Volume per Gram of Silica Gel against Log. Pore Diameter