The Thermodynamics of Chromatography - Interactions Between the Atoms of Hydrogen, Carbon, Chlorine and Bromine and an Exclusively Dispersive Stationary Phase > Experimental Data > Page 42


The linear relationship between the standard enthalpy and standard entropy indicates that, if either the standard enthalpy or standard entropy was known, the other can be calculated. It is also shown that there is a linear relationship between the atomic polarizability of the interacting atom and its standard enthalpy of interaction. Thus, there is also the possibility of calculating the standard enthalpy, hence the standard entropy and thus the retention of a solute, from its molecular structure and the physical and electrical properties of it component atoms. However, at this time, there appears to be a relatively large contribution to the standard enthalpy of interaction that is independent of the polarizability of the interacting atom. This may be due to some other physical characteristic of the distribution system that contributes to the standard enthalpy. Alternatively, the constant may be a function of some property of the stationary phase with which the atom is interacting.





where the symbols have the meaning previously ascribed to them.