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Table 2. (DG') Values for the Elements Hydrogen, Carbon, Chlorine and Bromine from Retention Data for Some Substituted Methanes

Element  (DG') 20˚C  (DG') 30˚C  (DG') 40˚C  (DG') 50˚C
Hydrogen 0.189 0.170 0.155 0.139
Carbon 0.314 0.295 0.269 0.247
Chlorine 0.594 0.556 0.523 0.490
Bromine 1.006 0.949 0.897 0.848

The values obtained for the different parameters were also calculated using equations (9) to (18) and the calculated data are included with those experimentally determined in table 1.

Having evaluated the contribution of each atom to log(K) the standard enthalpy and standard entropy of each interacting atom can now be assessed.

Now,                         RT ln (K)  =  -DGo



where (DHo) is the standard enthalpy change,
    and (DSo) is the standard entropy change.