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The converter consists of an integrator that can be constructed from an operational amplifier with a feedback capacitor. The capacitor is charged by the voltage from the scaling amplifier through the operational amplifier.The output from the integrator is sensed by a comparator which activates the electronic switch when the potential across the capacitor reaches a preset voltage. The activation of the comparator also causes a pulse to be passed to a counter and at the same time the capacitor is discharged by the electronic switch. The process then starts again. The time taken to charge the capacitor to the prescribed voltage will be inversely proportional to the applied voltage and consequently the frequency of the pulses from the comparator will be directly proportional to the applied voltage. The frequency of the pulses generated by the voltage controlled oscillator is sampled at regular intervals by a counter which then transfers the count in binary form to a register. The overall system is shown diagramatically in figure 33.


Figure 33. Stages of Data Acquisition