Thin Layer Chromatography - An MS Hybrid Thin Layer Plate Transport Interface for Peptide-Like Materials 4



(a) 90 fmol of Valinomycin

(b) 0.83 pmol of Cyclosporin

(c) 6.3 pmol of BOC-Phe-Lue-Phe-Lue--Phe

(d) 2,4,6 trihydroxyacetophenone used as the matrix.


Figure 28. Spectra of Valinomycin, Cyclosporin, and the Protected Peptide BOC-Phe-Lue-Phe-Lue-Phe Obtained from the Hybrid Plates


The spectra obtained for four test substances are shown in figure 28. It can be deduced that the sensitivity of the somewhat involved procedure ranges from about 90 fmol to about 6 pmol.