Thin Layer Chromatography - Thin Layer Chromatography Chambers 5


An example of a typical commercially available TLC plate development tank is shown in figure 7.

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Figure 7. A Commercially Available Tank for TLC Plate Development


The plate chamber is arranged to contain a separate, small reservoir, that holds the developing solvent with a filling tube connected to and external small funnel. The solvent, with which the plate is to be equilibrated, is placed in the bottom of the chamber and the thin layer plate placed is arranged to rest in the small empty reservoir that is used to contain the developing solvent. An appropriate period of time is allowed for the stationary phase on the plate to come into equilibrium with the solvent vapor in the base of the jar. The developing solvent is then transferred to the small reservoir through the filling tube and the plate is developed in the normal way. The effect of equilibrating the plate with an alternative solvent to that used for development on the resulting resolution of the solute mixture is, again, generally rather subtle and the technique is not frequently used.